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Add freehand lines in edit mode to incorporate annotative information directly into your drawings. Or use rectangular AutoLines or Rectangles to guide the drawing tools.Create layout sketches based on “freeform” design elements from your drawing such as imaginary walls or outlines of existing elements, in lieu of geometry.Professional and Family AutoCAD:Design graphics for the web and mobile apps. (video: 4:22 min.)Save time on large projects by keeping your files organized in your own folder structure, and create flexible layouts with paper space to compare 2D views and 3D models.Make 3D scenes even easier to create, and print your scenes to impress even your most demanding clients.Make sure to check out our live blog of the event for live updates!Incorporate AutoCAD into your workflowsLeading CAD and BIM professionals will share their ideas for using AutoCAD in your next project.8:15 – 9:00Shanna JacksonPrincipal, Ventana CreativeShanna Jackson is a Principal in the Graphic Design department at Ventana Creative where she works with a diverse client base including utility, retail, e-commerce, healthcare and the design of all types of electronic products. She has been involved with AutoCAD since version 2.3. She also has years of experience in the CAD industry as both an employee and a CAD vendor working with everything from mechanical to architectural drawings.9:00 – 9:30Hugh SandersonSenior Product Manager, AutoCADHugh Sanderson is a Senior Product Manager for AutoCAD and is the lead engineer for CAD development and quality assurance for Autodesk.9:30 – 10:00Mark GuillenSenior Product Manager, AutoCADMark Guillen is a Senior Product Manager for AutoCAD and the product manager for AutoCAD since 2011. He is focused on usability and product strategy for all of the Office products.10:00 – 11:00Chris ZimmerVice President of Product Marketing, AutoCADChris Zimmer is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Autodesk. Chris is a 30 year veteran of the CAD industry with a career that has spanned CAD from the first laser plotters to the most sophisticated 3D CAD products. Chris is also well 2be273e24d

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