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Espiral Vegetarian Restaurant

ESPIRAL Restaurant has a high quality and expertly cooked natural dietary, which is the result of a 38 years experience and the attentive guidance of our specialists in nutrition and dietary. This kind of nutrition is widely known for having numerous health benefits, such as battling weight gain, early aging, heart issues, and also being enviromentally friendly and advocating for animal rights. All of our menus are cooked on the same day, with excelent quality ingredients, bringing forward the biological, whole grained, and non GM ones. We do not serve food that is frozen, artificially coloured or preserved, with artificial additives and sugars, using instead spices, aromatic herbs and natural sweeteners. On our menus there is always the concern of introducing foods that are functional, rich in anti-oxydants, fibers, vitamins and minerals, with importatant biotherapeutical, nutricional, and dietary effects.

At ESPIRAL Restaurant

you may experiment and taste the widest diversity of dishes and kind of cookings you'll ever find on a natural dietary menu.

Rational, biologic, macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan, medieterranean, japanese, chinese, indian, african... All of this without ever stop providing special attention to the quantity and variety of vegetables, legumes, and whole-grained cereals, their biologic origin (cultivated without the addition of chemical fertilisers or pesticides), and to the little use of salt, giving preference to aromatic spice and herbs, polisaturated vegetable fats, and rich foods like soy, seitan, and algae.

The restaurant's lounge provides a pleasant and refined space, with smooth ambient music, television, and a piano for live sessions music. The decoration is complemented with either photography or painting exhibitions.

Hundreds of animal and vegetable species are at serious risk of survival.

The human being forgets that the homo sapiens own survival is heavily reliant on precisely the same ecological cycles to the which uncountable plants and animals also belong, which are already extinct or at risk of extinction due to contamination and deterioration of the environment, provoked by an unprecendent cumulative effects of toxic waste.

To the constant agressions to the which men are subject to, either in terms of environmental pollution, stress, or an intrusive medicine, joins today an unbalanced diet, excessively rich in protein and animal fat, refined and chemically preserved products, salt and sugar excess, and also poor in vegetables and fruits, which causes in ourselves the same kind of pollution that we cause to the planet.

ESPIRAL RESTAURANT falls within the context of a broad social consciousness movement that is characterized by the growing awakening of love for nature with art and strenght, so that the future of mankind is not only possible but also worthy. Today e face a harsh and bitter reality: nor industrialized foodsnor the most advanced technology are able to modify the fact that survival of mankind relies on biological quality, the air, ater, and soil purity, and, consequently, on a sain and natural food chain.

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